The ToyverseNECA Predator & E.T. Product Update!

NECA Predator & E.T. Product Update!
Published on Friday, April 6, 2012 by

Predator series 5 is on the way along with ET The Extra-Terrestrial series 1. Click through for all the images. 

Coming To A Store Near You Before the End of April

We’re excited to announce the first series of ET the Extra-Terrestrial action figures to come out since we announced our partnership last year, and the long awaited Predators Series 5.

We had shown some of these figures during NYC Toy Fair 2012, but today we can show packaging images as well:

ET The Extra-Terrestrial Series 1

ET Series 1 comes with the Galactic Friend E.T, wearing his white robe, and featuring interchangeable necks. For the Dress-Up E.T, he’s wearing his famous blonde wig and hat, and it comes with a purse.