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Retaliation Cobra Trooper – In Hand
Published on Tuesday, April 3, 2012 by

I was able to get ahold of the new Cobra Trooper from Retaliation a little bit early. Let’s take a look at what the Retaliation line will offer.

Now keep in mind that this is an incomplete figure. It’s missing the webgear that we’ve seen on previous pictures. But most importantly it does come with the parachute. Mine came with the grappling hook attachment that belongs to Wave 1 Snake Eyes. Even without the complete accessories, it’s worth taking a look at the figure.

One of the biggest worries collectors have with the Retaliation line is the change in articulation. We know the ninjas have the full amount, including wrists and ankles, and we’ve seen that the vehicle drivers only have 5 points. The trooper is a standard figure so can assume this articulation is the same across all non-ninja and non-vehicle figures.

The only thing he’s really missing is the ankle and SE wrists. He still has knee, waist, shoulder, neck, elbow and standard wrist. The poseability is not limited. Can still do alot with the figure.

The vehicle drivers are still disappointing, but if the Cobra Trooper is any indication, then the rest of the line will be just fine.

The trooper comes with webgear (which was missing from mine), a rifle, pistol and helmet. There is a holster in the webgear for the pistol. The rifle is an interesting look. The figure can hold it pretty well and it is interesting looking.

The helmet has some knobs on the inside so it fits pretty secure on the head. It’s still a bit loose. I’d almost want it to be part of the head sculpt for this figure since he does come with a parachute and will be tossed up and down a bit (or meant to be anyways).

The parachute harness is a bit odd. The side clasp is very loose and doesn’t clasp tight. The whole harness is loose when on the figure, but it’s not the easiest thing to put on. The side opens but that’s it, so you have to put a leg into the lower harness, thread the arms through and then pull a shoulder strap over the head. I found it easier to just pop the head off.

I have yet to see any pictures with the webgear and parachute harness on, so I’m assuming that the harness won’t fit around the webgear. The holster looks like it would get in the way and the harness, as loose as it is, doesn’t appear like it would stretch over the grenades.

But without the webgear, it’s hard to tell.

The parachute itself is big. The material seems pretty tough, nylon-like fabric. I can’t see it ripping too easily. It clasps into the harness pretty tightly.

Now does it work?

Pretty much, yes.

It’s night so I couldn’t bring it outside, but I could drop from my office on the second floor down the stairs and the parachute does open up and slow the figures fall. It doesn’t stay open, probably because there wasn’t enough height to really get some resistance. From a height of six feet the emergency chute popped off but the helmet stayed on.

I think if you went 12 or more feet the chute would really work well, but even from a distance of 6 feet it works enough to slow the figure’s fall and simulate a parachute drop.

The figure itself is fairly plain. The gray-blue is a nice tone but the dark blue of the helmet really stands out. I don’t like the blue of the webgear and the harness, it’s almost a conflicting color compared to the gray-blue of the uniform, which I do like. The outfit, from the googles down to the details on the uniform, makes for a good paratrooper.

All in all it’s a decent figure but I just don’t see it as a standard Cobra trooper. I’m glad that the gimmick of this figure is the parachute, but the figure itself seems lacking without the ‘chute.

I don’t see this getting army built as a new trooper, but it will be fun to throw a couple of these guys off the roof.

  • Bigiv

    He does not look good without the helmet on.