The Toyverse1/6 Scale “Father’s Day” Nathan Grantham Figure

1/6 Scale “Father’s Day” Nathan Grantham Figure
Published on Friday, March 30, 2012 by

SHRUNKEN HEAD STUDIOS has entered into the creepy world of CREEPSHOW! How many remember this unforgettable movie? I know I do and one of the most interesting stories center around a story called Fathers day. That segment still sends chills down my spine. In celebration of this awesome move, here is the first figure from the new line.

Welcome Kiddies to SHRUNKEN HEAD STUDIOS first issue of CREEPSHOW!!!
A heart-worming story called Fathers Day! A tale about a man that really wants his cake. This putrid 1:6 scale action figure comes with all the trimmings.

30 point articulated body (because the undead sure do like to get around).
A film accurate sculpt of Mr Grantham’s rotten olé mug, hands, chest and shoes. Complete with posable jaw! (He’s a chatter box with one thing on his mind)

Three piece suit… So filthy… ewe!!! Just the way Nathan likes it for his night out… of the grave! HEH-HEH-HEH!!!
The marble ashtray! That’s right, another part of the exclusive, the “traveling prop” that made its way into all five terrifying tales… and Nates skull! HEH-HEH!!!

And finally… Pièce de résistance… a healthy helping of “cake”. (or in this case Aunt Sylvia’s head) Complete with seven candles, frosting and serving tray!
Boils and Ghouls I tell you… you just can’t keep a hungry man down, HEH-HEH–HEH–HEH-HEH!!! Well kiddies until next time… Bone ~ ap petit!

  • Shogi

    This figure is all sorts of awesome! I can’t wait to get one!