The ToyverseNew Young Justice 4-Inch Figures Revealed!

New Young Justice 4-Inch Figures Revealed!
Published on Tuesday, March 13, 2012 by

Action Figure Insider revealed a few new DC Universe Young Justice 4″ figures. The figures were listed on a 6″ Batman card back. This will be our first look at the blue and grey Batman. The rest of the figures include:

 • Shazam
• Red Arrow
• Black Manta 

  • Big IV

    The 4″ figures for this show have not been impressive so far. I wish DC would get articulation. I like the basic design.

  • Troy Osgood

    I’d love some articulated DC figures to go with my MU.

  • Big IV

    Red Arrow would be cool if he could touch his toes.
     Then I could have a shoot out between him and Hawkeye.